How companies differentiate themselves from competitors?

Currently, many businesses divert their transactions digitally. We rarely see people running a business without the digital version of it. Users demand easy access and optimization of the transaction, seamless experience of all basic requirements across all devices, this where User Experience (UX) plays a major role. For some users, especially new users, when they are still in the stage of choosing a platform, they are most likely interested in the appearance of how the product presented, the interface itself, before trying features, and a great User Interface (UI) is the key for the business owner.

In designing a product, each UI/UX Designer has their own ideas and opinions, but at the end of the day, the user is the one that decides if the designs work or not. Therefore, with the UI / UX designer who can understand user behavior and habits well, it gives companies the opportunity to influence their business more effectively by implementing targeted strategies throughout the market and its digital ecosystem.

Correlation with Business

Most businesses today have been using digital media, such as applications, websites, and blogs. So when we talking about UI/UX it will refer to digital media activities, such as buying on e-commerce, ordering services on mobile apps, you name it. When a user uses a product or is visiting your website, you only have a few seconds to make connections, influence them to be willing to spend their money, or at least intriguing to see the details of the products you are selling. The role of UI/UX Designer in designing products by combining all design elements to become one of the keys to the success of your product, here are some points

1. Reducing Cost

Before designing the interface, the designer will do some focused research, analysis, and testing on potential users or even the existing users, to identify what users prefer and need, reducing the risk of product failure. Creating a design prototype is faster and more flexible to update, than doing some changes in the development step, it is also cost-efficient.

2. Improving SEO

In the past, optimizing the search engine (SEO) can be done by only filling your website with a bunch of keywords, then your site will automatically become the top in search engine. However, this method can no longer be used after Google changes their algorithm constantly by analyzing dwell time (the amount of time a user takes to access a page), the success of a user journey, web navigation behavior, and website patterns. Attracting visitors with good UX is a way to rely on them.

3. User-Focused

The main purpose of UI / UX is to simplify complex information. With user habits and satisfaction is the main focus, making your product reputation go up and get good feedback from users. It will help you produce higher business statistics and income.

From Ernst & Young’s data, the growth of online business sales value in Indonesia increases by 40 percent annually. At the end of 2014, the business value of Indonesia’s e-commerce industry reached USD 12 billion. There are currently around 93.4 million internet users and 71 million smartphone users in Indonesia [1]. With a large number of markets that make the digital business into the field to be reckoned with.

In Indonesia, there are several Unicorns that become role models of digital business success, for example, GoJek, Tokopedia, OVO, Traveloka, and Bukalapak. From this example, the private sector currently dominates the digital business in Indonesia. But now the government is reportedly starting to implement online services, with this policy, internet users in Indonesia will grow even more. This also proves that the business and digital market, especially in Indonesia, will grow rapidly in the future.


Currently, UI/UX Design is one of the important roles in the success of making a product. With the main focus on user habits, it is expected that the developed product will last a long time, despite some media changes in the future.


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